Friday, September 27, 2013

Birds Of A Feather

Janel and I found a whole village of thrift and reselling shops today. Most of the reselling shops were too expensive to justify buying anything for our purposes, though they had lots of nice stuff. We had some luck with the thrifting, though.
I shot this with my iPhone, so please excuse the quality.
As I started unwrapping everything and setting up the shot, I had to laugh at the multitude of birds. See how many you can spot!

Some highlights: a Kosta bud vase with an etching of an archer, four Ingrid mugs to go with an Ingrid picnic ball we already have, a Tonala Mexico Vase, three Lenotex mugs, a Curoc of Monterrey roadrunner dish, a long Blissware of Hollywood tray, a huge Dansk enamelware pot (minus a lid...), and my first piece of Royal Copenhagen pottery!

There's a couple mysteries to solve in the group, and I'll probably post about them individually.

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