Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Thrifting Reort: Practicing Restraint

Janel has been urging me to invest more time posting items to the store and less to being out and about thrifting, and I've been trying to retrain my impulses. I did pretty well this week, which means we don't have a ton of new stuff to show here. In any case...

These Iittala Arkipelago glass candle holders were in my hands before I even realized what I was doing. We scored a pair of triangular clear ones a couple weeks ago, and this set of short blue-tinged ones are pretty incredible. The blue tint is pervasive throughout the whole form.

The tall Stoneware Designs West vase on the right is new this week. The planter on the left is for comparison.

We only pick up vintage ties if they're special. These two Armani ties are beautiful enough to wear today, 100% silk, made in Italy, and in perfect condition. I may not be able to let go of that monochromatic mauve striped one...

There's a lot of Mexican ironwood carved figures out there, and a lot of them aren't very unique. We leave a lot of generic looking dolphins, sharks, pelicans, and quails behind. I've never yet seen an otter, and I was so happy with this guy, I didn't notice he had a broken flipper until I got home. Oh well.

Janel picked up with cool roadrunner. It's pretty small as these figures go, but the details are great and it's a nice modern form.

Like I said, not the best week ever, but that was kind of the point. We're hoping to do some out-of-town thrifting this coming weekend, so stay tuned!

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