Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Thrifting Report: Not So Weekly

Happy New Year everyone! Since we basically forgot we had a blog for a month, this is our first post of the year. In addition to not blogging, we also haven't been out thrifting as much recently. In any case, we've gotten some great stuff!

Spotted this brutalist metal owl and it flew straight into the basket! The feet and beak are nails.
This figure was on a shelf with a bunch of pig figurines. I instantly recognized it as Japanese and probably cryptomeria wood, but I thought it was a bear. Turns out, it's a Tanuki, AKA a Japanese raccoon dog. I've seen statues of these a hundred times and always thought they were bears. I had no clue raccoon dogs were even a thing! Anyway, yes, those are massive testicles in between its feet.
Continuing with small figurines, this cat is likely Japanese and is pretty much the best with that dangling mouse.
Transitioning to glass, we picked these up at a Salvation Army for 75% off. Not sure if we'll post now or wait until the next holiday season. I've seen a couple of these online without a definite attribution, and several instances have suggested West German. Does anyone know what these are for sure?
It's been a good year for Holmegaard! We started off with this small Primula apothecary jar designed by Jacob Bang. It cost basically no money, and it even has it's original cork!
This Holmegaard Menuet vase designed by Per Lütken is in like-new condition. I've been hoping to find one of these for a little while, and was psyched when I spotted it. Definitely paid an un-thrifty price on this one...
Someone loved their glass collection because this Thule bowl, also designed by Per Lütken for Holmegaard, is also in like-new condition! Also spent un-thrifty money on this one.
We'll finish with fabric. This kachina handkerchief isn't particularly nice or anything, but come on, it's a hachina handkerchief!
Janel found this four yard bolt of awesome modernist hand-screen-printed fabric. Maybe we'll make some pillows.
That's it for now! Hopefully we'll be better about posting in the near future.

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