Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thrift Report: The Order Of Things

While Janel was on the East Coast last week, I, Zach, took her absence as an opportunity to go a little crazy with the thrifting. Mediocre mid-week thrifts gave way to a fruitful weekend at antique malls and the Rose Bowl Flea. It was my first trip to the Rose Bowl. Having been warned to the effect of "don't even bother," due to its fabled enormity, I figured it was at least worth a try and found it not only manageable, but a great source.

I got A LOT of stuff this week.

In the category of various birds:
L-R: tiny ironwood pelican; tiny Howard Pierce quail; David Stewart for Lion's Valley chicken planter; Pigeon Forge owl.
In the category of Japanophilic figurines:
L-R: cast iron geisha; pair long-haired kokeshis; wood carved weeping buddha.
In the category of brutalist metal owls with Uncle Leo eyebrows:
A set of bookends pictured with a relative available in our shop.
In the category of mugs:
Clockwise from top-left: Fireking; Kilncraft English Heritage Stonehenge; Bits & Bytes; Newer Taylor & Ng; hexagonal rainbow mug with older T&N circular "JAPAN" embossing.
In the category of miscellaneous interesting objects with a predominance of salt & pepper serving vessels:
L-R: Ben Siebel for Jenfred-Ware copper-plated candlesticks; Takahashi lacquered turned wood teardrop salt and pepper shakers; William Bounds PepArt pepper mill; stained wood French double-action corkscrew (relative in our shop); two William Bounds PepArt Shakers

In the category of mostly-flat objects of varying uses:
Front Row, Clockwise: Arabia Saara plates;  enamel dish signed "Gunne Sault Ste Marie Canada"; Fleetwood Designer knives; enamel dish signed J. M. Gabriel. Back Row: four Taylor & Ng Classy Critters tile trivets.
And in the category of having recently missed the Ark:
Pair Christais Sao Marcos Molinari handblown glass squirrels; pair ceramic MMA William the blue hippo ornaments.

I'll wrap this up with objects added to our personal collections this week:

The vase on the left is shown next to a larger vase for reference. I love its pinched form and glaze, and had to have it when I picked it up and almost threw it in the air due to its weighing a quarter what it looked like it should.
The bottom two objects are previously collected carved alligator heads that were cut from decommissioned Papua New Guinean canoes and traded; the top object is a miniature version of said canoes which I picked up in an antique mall this past weekend.
A grouping of recently-collected kachinas, with the left-most fellow having been acquired this weekend. He is notable for an intact feather (missing on all our others) and close-positioned hands, implying older provenance than the others.
That's it for now. The next week will be light on thirfting and [hopefully] heavy on cataloging and listing.

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