Monday, February 24, 2014

Thrift Report: Snoopy And The Gang

We had a great weekend of thrifting even though we swore it off for a couple weeks (rolls eyes)!

It started with stumbling into some new locations after a yoga workshop Saturday morning, and continued into Sunday with an impromptu and long overdue trip to Kobey's Swap Meet: San Diego's charming red-headed-stepchild-version of Long Beach and the Rose Bowl.

Here's the round-up:

  • a big stack of Heller plates and mugs; the plates are in really great condition; the mugs are all cracked at the bottom
  • a super cute Jorge Wilmot ceramic bird which is either a parrot or peregrine falcon
  • two tiny Jorge Wilmot ceramic birds (one's a duck)
  • the most beautifully painted Ken Edwards ceramics we have yet encountered including four cups and pair of salt and pepper shakers
  • two teak vikings that are likely bottle openers, but we've been too scared to yank their heads off in case they're not[!]
  • a crinkle glass Dorothy Thorpe gold-plated crystal swoop dish
It's also been a great week for our collecting. First we found a bunch of kachinas last week, and then this week we acquired pieces for our other collections:

We officially have a Wayne Chapman collection with the left addition.
This Zuni inlay Snoopy ring is unsigned but somewhat resembles the style and quality of Carol Kee's work. I [Zach] am constantly on the lookout for these, and practically have to cover my mouth to stifle a scream when I find them. This one was also the best deal I've found yet.
And here he is with the modest but steadily growing collection.
That's all for now. Until next time... 


  1. I've got some of those inlay jewlery peices. What are they worth i wonder.

  2. I've got some of those inlay jewlery peices. What are they worth i wonder.