Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three Mugs And A Burro

No that title isn't a screenplay I'm working on, it's a description of our thrift finds on a slim pickings kind of weekend.

Here's the breakdown:

Janel found a Frankoma mug to match another that's been doing time in solitary. I'm totally a sucker for the praire green Plainsman collection.

I found this pair of little autumnal milk glass mugs with ropey handles.

We also picked up a Tonala burnished ceramic burro. This one's kind of funny; it's signed Amado Gavan on the bottom, and I was excited after some quick Google'ing because it looks like his work sells for a lot. Further research makes me think the style, quality, and actual signature do not match Gavan's work. Maybe it's a knock-off? Someone copping Gavan's name with a rudimentary semblance of his style on a common motif? Anyway, it's cute.

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