Monday, October 7, 2013

Try Try Again

I left work early Friday afternoon to stop by some thrift stores only to find tons of Halloween junk in lieu of the usual housewares. I knew this would happen, but it was disappointing nonetheless.

Janel and I persisted Saturday and Sunday, making forays to a Goodwill and a great consignment shop in between Janel's birthday weekend events, and came up with some decent finds. Among them: two ugly face mugs (one Mahon, one labeled Scharf[?]), a solid teak bowl, a non-JW mexican owl, a SEA Glasbruk mini "rocket" vase in light green, our first Howard pierce ceramic figurine (a road runner, appropriately), a beautiful white thrown ceramic Japanese vase, more Ingrid plasticware, a Woodpecker Woodware peppermill, and a vaguely macabre dismembered Mickey Mouse lampshade.

Also, we started an Instagram account: @cosmicshift
and a Facebook account!

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