Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Thrift Report: We Bought A Zoo

Maybe it's more of a menagerie.

I found some Mexican ironwood carvings. I love this bear's eyes.

Turns out ironwood has been protected in Mexico since the early 90s, making these carvings more rare and more valuable as time goes on.

These are all pretty large, with the quail nearly 10" tall. This wood apparently sinks in water.

Speaking of tall, this brass doe sculpture is about a foot tall with beautiful detail. I think it's missing a mate. This would definitely sink in water.

Abelone shells are a dime a dozen in San Diego, but these two large shells are some of the nicest I've seen.

A Taylor & Ng recipe box. Check out our recent post on Taylor & Ng!

And a Christmas mug from Taylor & Ng. Only my second T&N mug ever!

I haven't identified any of this glassware, but I love them all and they look like some kind of retro-futurist dream structure together!

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