Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly Thirfting Report: Scratching The Itch

Remember how we didn't make it out last weekend? Well, I couldn't stand it and went out one afternoon this week. Fortunately, it ended up being one of my favorite hauls so far!

Found my first Kokeshi doll! I'm really impressed with the level of details on this, like the cut patterns on the bun and bottom and the beautiful red staining and super subtle flowers on the kimono. It's larger than I expected too, at about 6" tall.

Keeping with the theme of wooden Japanese figures, I found this hors d'oeuvre toothpick holder in the shape of a pig. Guess this would be perfect for tiny pork sausages or something? This pig definitely has a world weary expression. Some of the holes had broken toothpicks jammed inside, so I drilled them out. I'm always uncertain about how much to clean, repair, or refinish objects, but it seemed like a no-brainer on this one.
How about this *huge* Tonala owl, eh? Amiright? It's only signed "Mexico", so it's not Ken Edwards or Jorge Wilmot, but it's HUGE!

I'm always looking for good vintage Christmas stuff, and it's hard to come by. What says "Christmas" better than two nefarious-looking blue-eyed reindeer and a giant lump of coal?

This is a detail from an amazing Japanese printed handkerchief in perfect condition. I didn't even notice the black rabbits until after I bought it.

I'm a sucker for handkerchiefs and an even bigger sucker for kachinas. Guess what...? This!
Allright, how do two Braun Type 4 kitchen scales designed by Dieter Rams end up side-by-side in the junky kitchenware section of a thrift store? Granted, they basically look like nothing with the covers on, but seriously. I may have to keep one for myself...
Ooh, I also found a huge G. H. Bass & Co. canvas and leather duffel bag from the 90s. I forgot to take a photo. It's in great condition even thought the top is super faded and the leather has an amazing patina.

That's all for now. Can't wait to get this stuff in the store, which opens...wait for it...TOMORROW!

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