Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Thrift Report: Nothing To Report

Between prepping for our Etsy store opening this Friday and house guests this weekend, we did not do any thrifting this past week (gasp!) Not to fear, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to showcase some of our vintage studio pottery that will [mostly] be for sale in the coming weeks on Etsy.

Janel will not be relinquishing the large vase on the left, but it looks so good with the rest of the pieces pictured I had to include it. Basically all the pieces in this post are signed but unidentified. Some are obviously student pieces, while others are obviously made by very skilled artists.

Both these casseroles are huge and beautiful. Both are obviously made by accomplished potters.

I love these teapots in spite of their missing lids. I probably should leave pieces like this behind, but I just can't. Incidentally, they could have a great second act as watering pots for plants.

L-R: Large ruffled paste-striped bowl (unsigned, actually, I think); small pastel-glazed planter; larger red and purple-glazed planter; austere white vase with a signature in Japanese on the  bottom.

It's fun to pick these things up all over the place and have them coalesce into a collection.

These two humble planters have lots of great details if you take the time to look.

We use random sets of studio pottery like these beautiful green-banded bowls around the house. They're great for serving condiments or side dishes at parties and dinners. Most of our  serving bowls and platters are handmade studio ceramics picked up at thrift stores.
Both of these have lids that are glazed on both sides with the floral motifs continuing on the underside as well. The bottom right casserole has an amazing thick bubbly glaze.

The lidless teapots again. Both have intentionally incomplete glazes, but with significantly different effects.

Detail of the large vase that will not be for sale (thanks Janel!) It's signed on the bottom and then stamped with a potters mark that looks like a crab at the bottom on the side. I would love to ID this since it's so nice.

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