Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Thrift Report: Here And There

It's been a slow week with our thrifting activities being incidental side trips rather than all day campaigns. With our Etsy store being open, there's a lot more to focus on than just acquisition. Fortunately one of the new areas of focus is shipping orders–big thanks to everyone who has purchased from us!

To all ceramic artists out there: maybe try signing your work with a bare minimum of legibility...or I could just get better at IDing stuff. This pitcher is beautiful and I wish I knew who made it.

We've barely posted a third of our inventory in our shop, and we plan on constantly updating, so please check in often. In the meantime, we've got some new items to add to the queue after the jump.

Scored our first Emalox bowls in an antique mall in a booth that had everything at 50% off. 

There aren't enough brass cats in the universe to satisfy our insatiable hunger for metalic felines!

I swore I'd stop buying Mexican Carved Ironwood for a while, but this rabbit was too good to pass up. Check out the view of his face on our Instagram feed.

This charger by Thomas Rosenthal of Germany has this great retro geometric motif that reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein or latter day Frank Stella.

Not technically a new acquisition, but we've got this collection of minimalist brass vases we'll be putting in the shop soon.

This beautiful heavy art-deco enamel brass vase will also passing from our personal collection to the shop in the near future.

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