Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trip Report: Gretta Grossman Residence & Encinitas

Having developed a bad case of cabin fever as a result of holiday domesticity, we drove to Encinitas this past Sunday to take a gander at a house designed and occupied by Gretta Grossman. We also did some site-seeing and thrifting (ref. this post). Click through for the full report.

The house is on the corner, tucked away in a neighborhood of Leucadia.

It doesn't appear to be very well maintained. The yard, front and back, isn't really landscaped, but the house appears to have a nice courtyard.

We parked on the road alongside the house and were eventually shooed away by neighbors. A little boy threatened me with a "knuckle sandwich". His mother told him to be nice.

The house is pretty small, especially compared with everything else around.

It is surrounded by these huge Eucalyptus trees.

I didn't expect much, and even then I was underwhelmed. I guess the house befits Grossman's total retreat from her career and life in LA.

Having lugged a real camera with me, I decided to take some non-iPhone photos for once.

We pulled over just because of this sign.

Deal of the century.

This place had great food and cheap beer.

Pozole. I want to go back to try the seafood.

We walked along rt 101 for a while

My phone said there were thrift stores. There weren't.

The light is beautiful this time of year; low and intense.

It makes great shadows.

The closest thing to a thrift store was this junk/antique shop.

I need this.

This guy again. I had just about given up looking when I spotted him.

We also stopped by Aloha Sunday where we gawked at the clothes and then bought a candle to get $3 cash back so I could buy the kachina.

Cats everywhere. These looked like ants.

The sunsets have been so nice lately.

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