Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Thrift Report: Happy Thanksgiving Part 1

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? We hosted three separate events Thursday, from an oyster and champagne breakfast, through a large and traditional dinner, to a cocktail "hour". We're thankful for all our friends who took the time to hang out with us throughout the day.

Black Friday found us sleeping extra late and then contemplating staying home all day to avoid any of the annoying ultra-consumerist cluster that defines the after-holiday tradition. Fortunately we couldn't stand another whole day at home and made our way to the final hour of a nearby thrift's half-off sale.

I say fortunately because we got some great stuff!

This school of brass fish "dishes" is likely actually a set of ashtrays, but too good to have left behind.

Three Kiln Craft mugs. Check out the mice an cheese being tossed by the cat cook!

This Papel mug somehow makes both San Diego and the end of the rainbow seem like places I wouldn't actually want to visit let alone commemorate with a keepsake mug...

Janel found these. I wanted to say no, but they're just too perfect, and the cats art actually molded in relief and nicely glazed.

We love Pottery Craft. The tall vase on the left may not be PC, but it's got a similar glaze. The pieces to the right, however, are both marked. The middle one is my favorite PC ever so far.
The bowl on the right of the last photo is signed via mold marks on the inside, which I've never seen anything like it.

Amazing chunky details on this studio pottery vase

Our Nemadji collection will soon be out of hand; somebody buy some of these already! This one's on the smaller side.

Nice large set of brass candlesticks.

This brass quail is threaded at the bottom to be used as a spigot handle. How cool is that?

So I'm really excited about these Ben Seibel bookends. Spotting them was a little like walking out your front door and seeing a unicorn in your front yard. The patina is heavy and one has a crack, but we got them for so cheap it's embarrassing. I thought these would be the biggest find for some time, but wait for part two tomorrow to see what else we found!

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