Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Thrift Report 12/09/13

.I feel like I have a hangover from thrifting this week. I think I hit between 15-20 places, which is maybe normal for some people, but it's some kind of record for me. I have a lot to show for it, fortunately; too much to include here.

Holy candel holders! Selandia, Dansk, Kosta Boda, L.E. Smith...The black Dansk-ish spider in the front is unsigned. Three of the five three corner ones are unsigned but made in Denmark.
Very large [13"] Los Castillo style married metal dish. Stamped "Heche en Mexico" on the bottom, but no maker's mark unfortunately.
There are 11 Eva Zeisel for Federal Stockholm glasses in this photo. I found eight at one place.
A Don Freedman for Interlude wall hanging, signed with original sales tag.
Picked up the blue plastic Stelton vacuum jug designed by Erik Magnussen on the right. Stainless Lauffer for Stelton Cylindra water jug designed by Arne Jacobsen on right for comparison.
Three Taylor & Ng christmas mugs with old Japan label to go with the one we already had.
I left this David Stewart for Lions Valley stoneware cat planter behind two weekends ago for some reason. I found it online later in the week and went back to find it still waiting for me.
First Kobenstyle–teal paella pan!

Yellow Copco, made in Spain
Two of Four Dansk serving boards. Love these shapes.
Not pictured: Dala, Rya, Rosti, Robert Maxwell, Emalox, Figgio Flint, Vera, Denby, Christian Dior...I feel like it was a good week!

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