Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekly Thrifting Report: Happy Thanksgiving Part 2

 Half way through writing yesterday's post I realized I had too much to show in just one post.

After finding a pair of Ben Seibel bookends I thought I had exhausted my thrifting mojo for the weekend. Janel and I took a field trip to Encinitas to visit a house designed by Gretta Grossman, after learning about it from Esoteric Survey's Instagram.

More on this in a later post.

We poked around Encinitas for a bit before heading to one of our favorite consignment stores. In the process of which I found a new member for my Kachina family.

Together at last.

The store was pretty great. Here's Janel modelling a blanket.
I expected the consignment store to be completely picked over, and it kind of was, but I think we did okay anyway.

I can't leave brass cats behind. Look how great they look together!

We don't pick up dish sets on principle, but this Block Chromatics set is exceptional. I had never heard of it, but apparently a set was featured in O magazine (guess I missed that one...). The beauty of the design is undeniable. These are from the Back and Beige set.
While deciding on the Block set, I noticed some metal wall sculptures around the corner. I pulled one off the wall, and found a signature that I didn't recognize. The prices on these definitely gave pause, so I passed on the first. I was contorting myself into all sorts of positions looking for a signature on another, explaining to Janel how these things will be signed but who knows where, and then I glanced at this ugly enameled butterfly branch and saw "C. Jeré" almost immediately.

Sorry for the photo quality, my already mediocre studio setup is even less conducive to shooting large objects. This is Three feet long and and over two wide.
The piece is actually way less ugly than I originally thought. Butterflies aren't my thing, but this would look great in the right space. It's dated 1966, which places it just two years after the founding of Artisan House.
It's even got original stickers on the back!
We picked up this second smaller piece too, which isn't signed, but is clearly either part of a set with the larger piece, or just obviously also from Artisan House.
We paid WAY more than thrift prices for these, but I hope think it's worth it. Early production date, condition, and original stickers all contribute to the value.

That's all for now. Here's a sunset since we've had some nice one's lately in San Diego.


  1. Serendipitous! I found a C. Jere sculpture today! I love when that happens. Mine is similar to yours, leaves and a single butterfly. Now to price it!

    1. I *just* saw this–sorry to not reply sooner. I never get comments on the blog so I don't even look for them, lol. Yeah, oh all the Artisan House sculptures out there, it's funny that we both found ones with butterflies. Pricing these seems tricky...